Hello and welcome to Ray Whitlock's official website.  Here you can check out his upcoming shows, discography, and learn a little more about him.  
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I am very excited to announce that I'm playing the new Casio PX-5S and the XW-P1. These are amazing keyboards, that just sound and feel great!!! The XW-P1 only weights 11 pounds, and The PX-5S weights 24 pounds. You will be able to hear the XW-P1 and the PX-5S on tour.  Plus the song Seperate Ways has both the new keyboards on it!!

 I'm very proud to announce that I am endorsed by 
ULTIMATE SUPPORT!!! I have been using their stands for a long time and now have a great endorsement thanks to ULTIMATE. Please click the link to check out the wonderful products that they sell. I bought my 1st(and only) keyboard stand in 1988, the Apex stand. It has been on every stage I have seen for all these years.  22 years with one keyboard stand, you can't get any better than that. I'm now using the new APEX AX-48 PRO. You can see me and the new stand on tour.  Check the Touring page for a city near you!!!